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Fofatt Clerkly

Ridiculously user friendly cloud-based software for managing sales, clients, expenses and more.

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Hotel Solution

You will be really happy the way it handles your hotel's critical operations. Features include guest management, check-in, check-out, room service, billing and reporting.

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Custom Software

Tailored software for educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, professionals or any industry for integrated digital workflow, improved record keeping and critical analysis.

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Website Design

If you have a business you should have a website. If used in the right way, it can be your most important marketing tool.

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Digital Strategy

Action plan to leverage digital channels in fulfilling digital marketing objective whether it is generating brand awareness or lead acquisition campaign with maximum return on investment.

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It explains some simple tips using which you can protect your confidential information whether it is the password of your email, the social network account, sensitive files or your online banking.

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Fofatt Brochure

It's an e-brochure that can be accessed online. In it you can showcase your specialties, products and services.

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