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Based out of Duliajan, India, Fofatt is a young startup with a small team.

Fofatt provides Fofatt Search, Fofatt Brochure and Web Development.

Fofatt Search is a facility that provides information about businesses, services and professionals available at a locality, currently covering Duliajan, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Silchar and Tinsukia. It can be accessed at

Fofatt Brochure is an e-brochure that can be accessed online. In a Fofatt Brochure, a vendor can showcase details like offerings, specialties, facilities, services and products.

Web Development includes website design and custom cloud software for manage an organization's day to day activities in an efficient, integrated and easy way.

For any query, please get in touch: +91 708 610 8527,

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