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Fofatt Clerkly

A set of superior cloud-based software for managing sales, inventory, clients and expenses.

Highlights of Fofatt Clerkly

Business performance analysis: Detailed reporting on how much sales or orders you achieved within any particular period.

Understand business health: Periodical cash inflow reports to facilitate you in having a detailed look on from where and how much money you have received.

View amount receivable: Track the order you have to receive payment from. Chase your dues and over dues at ease.

Customers relation: Track customers e.g. their complete buying, payment and credit history like why and how much a customer has to pay.

Schedule your efforts: Quick and detailed presentation on the orders you have to fulfill within the upcoming period.

Automatic calculations: The software will take care of all the calculations, so no chance of human error.

Look more professional: Create amazing professional looking invoices or receipts. Impress your clients.

User-friendly, easy-to-use: You neither have to be a computer expert nor need to possess any accounting concept. It’s intuitive and simple.

Lives in the cloud: It is cloud based so you can securely access it from any location or computer. Moreover, no chance of losing your data due to computer damage.

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